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Tom is a elected member of the Global Board of Directors for OWASP Foundation. He has served the OWASP community since 2004 as starting as a project leader, chapter leader. He also contributes as an advisory member to the New Jersey Institute of Technology, County College of Morris and other organizations including International Legal and Technology Association (ILTA), Center for Internet Security (CIS). Tom is just as comfortable ripping through packet captures, hacking web applications or speaking before live audiences as demonstrated at BlackHat, Hackers on Planet Earth (HOPE), ICCS / FBI Infragard, NYS Technology Conference and United States Secret Service, Electronic Crime Task Force and frequently at NYC Metro Cyber Security meetings.

Tom Brennan is a member of ProactiveRISK works for Intel Security/McAfee/Foundstone he is a proud United States Marine Corp Veteran who resides in Rockaway New Jersey with his family


- Written recommendations from 60+ industry leaders: ONLINE

-OWASP interview at AppSecUSA 2013 - Video

-Interview with PenTest Magazine about OWASP Foundation.

- 2012 OWASP Board Candidate Interview: Audio / Transcript

- Video Interview about OWASP with Tom Brennan, 2008 - Video 1, Video 2

- Thousands of wiki commits to OWASP.ORG since 2004 see: Wiki Edits

Contributor and champion to many OWASP projects including:

-- 2016 Global Projects Update

-- Incident Response Top 10 Project

-- Virtual Village

-- OWASP RFQ Criteria, Software Security

-- OWASP Switchblade HTTP Post DoS Tool

-- OWASP Testing Guide

-- OWASP Mod_Security Core Rule Set

Additional Projects