Working Sessions Methodology

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  1. Each Working Session must have a Chair and a Secretary.
  2. The OWASP Board invites the Working Session Chair and this one invites the Secretary.
  3. Although every registered people can (and is invited to) attend all Working Sessions, in terms of discussion, each Working Session Chair may choose from two available options:
    1. "Everybody is a Participant",
    2. "Participants + Attendees".
  4. Working sessions that are under 7 attendees will be removed from the Summit agenda.
  5. The chair is responsible for recruiting attendees.
  6. The Working Session must be lead by its chair accordingly to the Roberts Rules of Order.
  7. Working Sessions will produce Motions of OWASP Initiatives, Statements, and Decisions.
  8. All Motions will be approved by Simple Majority of the participants.
  9. The Secretary must write down all approved Motions.
  10. OWASP Board Reserves Veto and Tabling Authority.