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'''Candidate Submitted By:'''Long Island Chapter
'''Candidate Submitted By:'''Long Island Chapter
'''Why this person was chosen?:'''

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WASPY Award 2012 Candidates

Candidate: Helen Gao

Candidate Submitted By: China Chapter

Accomplishments: Senior Architect,Global Membership Committee Chair, One of Chinese Project leader,Long Island Chapter Leader, AppSec Asia 2011 organizer, etc...

Why this person was chosen?: Helen volunteered to OWASP since 2006 and contributed a lot for OWASP as a member of Global Membership Committee and Long Island Chapter leaders. Also helen helped a lot for Great China area as a leader of Chinese Project. Moreover she is one of the main organizer for AppSec Asia 2011. Right now, Helen is the chair of Global Membership Committee.

Candidate:Abbas Naderi Afooshteh

Candidate Submitted By:Iran Chapter

Candidate:Dr. Kees Leune

Candidate Submitted By:Long Island Chapter

Candidate:Simon Bennetts

Candidate Submitted By:Zed Attack Proxy Project

Accomplishments:OWASP ZAP Founder and project leader, GSoC Mentor, OWASP Manchester founder, international speaker

Why this person was chosen?:Simon started the OWASP Zed Attack Proxy Project in 2010 and actively leads the international group of volunteers who develop it. This summer he mentored 2 Google Summer of Code students working on ZAP. He started the OWASP Manchester chapter and has encouraged and supported the formation of the new East Midlands and Newcastle chapters. Simon has talked about ZAP and OWASP at both security and not security events around in Europe, America and Australia. He is also involved in the OWASP Data Exchange Format and AppSensor projects, started the Web Application Security Testing Cheat Sheet and has contributed to other open source security projects such as the BodgeIt Store and the Web Application Vulnerability Scanner Evaluation Project (wavsep).