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mail to: divakar161986@gmail.com
mail to: divakar161986@gmail.com
Hi , I want to add more cheat sheet in XSS is that okay ?
Abdullah Hussam

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Because of this edit, I suggest blocking Frank Alexander. Forest Monsen 18:59, 4 April 2012 (UTC)

I am getting errors when I am trying to generate thumbnails. The error message is:

Error creating thumbnail: Invalid thumbnail parameters


File:UseAndMisuseCase.png File:Session_riding.png

Could you get someone to look into it?

--Michael Boman 19:20, 3 December 2009 (UTC)

Hi. We want Provide owasp top 10 Movie by us . cheak it plz.

we are information security education center.

company name is i2SEC(international information security)

Our company provides security consulting and training .

we have long had an interest in owasp.

After we clarified that no video files related to "owasp top 10" are provided by websites, we were disappointed somehow.

Therefore, we’d like to produce a video file which shows certain flaws of "owasp top 10" catagories.

We already had been experienced in producing "2007 owasp top 10" video files, in addition, are able to translate them to multi-national languages including English.

Please contact us after reviewing our suggestions.

We will transfer the "2007 owasp top 10" video file to you through the messenger if you need to check it.

Sample website

Hi Team, Is there any sample website where we can perform security test using ZAP tool ?

How to detect vulnerability in the url(query string).


  I am new bee to security issues. 

Recently i faced one issue. The issue is, I have an URL(querysting) in that I find an event like "onbegin" Which is injected by the attacker. Currently I am using Antisamy tool to detect vulnerabilities. In my case I have event(onbegin) only without tag related information in the url so Antisamy unable to detect vulnerabilities. Now my requirement is I want to detect attacher code in the URL which is dont having tag related information. If any specialized tools for this requirement please suggest me. Can you suggest any solution for my issue.

Regards, Divakar mail to: divakar161986@gmail.com

Hi , I want to add more cheat sheet in XSS is that okay ?

Abdullah Hussam