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Hi Allison I see that you seem to be rather active on the owasp site I was wondering if you could answer the following question.

I was recently reviewing the version 2 testing guide, I was wondering if this is meant to compliment the older version 1 checklists/docs or replace them?

Looking at the reporting table in v2 (pgs 258 to 261) for example, does "OWASP-AT-001 : Default or guessable account" replace the older "OWASP-AUTHN-004 : Default Accounts"?

I'm guessing that v2 replaces the older stuff since there seems to be a lot of overlap, but I wanted to confirm since v2 does not seem to cover absolutely everything that v1 did. The does not make this clear at all.

I tried emailing Matteo Meucci (matteo <dot> meucci <at> owasp <dot> org) but did not get a reply.

I'm also curious about the status of v3.