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Andrew van der Stock is a leading web application researcher active in the proactive web application community.

He is on the board of the Open Web Application Security Project, holding the Executive Director position, OWASP Guide lead, moderator of webappsec, and at one stage helped start the Melbourne and Sydney OWASP chapters.

In previous lives, he has assisted with the following projects:

  • UltimaBB, forum software - fork of XMB
  • XMB, forum software
  • Runs Australia's largest car forum, and one of the world's largest VW car forums
  • President of SAGE AU in 2000-2001, General Committee member 1999-2000, and a long time member.
  • pnm2ppa, HP print drivers for Unix and work-alike systems
  • XFree86, device drivers for Matrox Millennium I/II/Mystique (mid 90's vintage)

Speaking Engagements

Andrew has presented at many conferences including OSCON, BlackHat USA, Ruxcon,, and AusCERT.

Forthcoming speaking engagements:

  • Feb 8 - Ajax Security Hurrah! @ OmniTi
  • Feb 15 - OWASP Top 10 @ Washington DC OWASP Chapter meeting

I will be attending OSCON and BlackHat / Defcon Las Vegas this year, and happily accept groupies for geeking out and drinking.


If you want to get your Thawte Web of Trust digital certificate bumped up to a full certificate or you want to become a notary, I can issue 35 points of goodness as long as you adhere to the notarization identification requirements and bring along photocopies of your national ID you used for me to keep for 7 years.

Please find me in the WoT directory and make a time today! I'll happily do this at conferences as well.