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My name is Tobias Gondrom. My main areas of interest are application security in Enterprise Applications and cryptography.
I work as a chair of the Web Security WG at the IETF and some expert groups around the globe.
If you like you can meet me at the IETF conferences or at some of the Asian and European Security Conferences.
Or just send me an email or give me a call. ;-)

I am currently involved in a number of security areas:

  • chair of the IETF Web Security WG (WEBSEC)
  • speaker at various OWASP conferences and chapter meetings (AppSec APAC, EU, ...)
  • trainer at OWASP AppSec Asia (CISO workshop)
  • participant of the OWASP Summit
  • OWASP London chapter board member
  • some of my specialty areas:
    • Risk Management and Secure SDLC
    • Enterprise Content Management and Document Management
    • CISO Guides


  • former lead of the German chapter.
  • former chair of the IETF WG LTANS (Long-term archiving and notary services)

email: tobias.gondrom (at) email: tobias.gondrom (at)