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Besides my OWASP activitities I also co-organize the yearly [http://www.brucon.org BruCON] conference in Brussels.
Besides my OWASP activitities I also co-organize the yearly [http://www.brucon.org BruCON] conference in Brussels.
===My program for 2012: Think global, act local===
The software security challenge is a global problem. <br>
OWASP does provide solutions that can be used everywhere to build secure software.<br>
As the only non-US & non-native English speaking candidate I know how important it is to truly [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Internationalization_and_localization I18N] our solutions and embed them in the local culture.<br>
For each initiative and project within OWASP I will continue to emphasize the international facets.<br>
3 key aspects I want to focus on during my next term are:
'''1) Developers are part of the solution'''
As an ex developer myself,  I know that good developers are copying good code samples. <br>
Rarely will developers develop their software based on guidelines and text books.<br>
OWASP has to engage with developers and provide working and secure code examples.<br>
We have to get more involved with the developer community and frameworks. <br>
We cannot expect developers to come to OWASP, we have to reach out to them!
'''2) Community'''
You come to OWASP for the tools, and you will stay for the people.<br>
Since becoming involved in OWASP in 2005 I had the opportunity and pleasure to meet hundreds of enthusiastic people in the OWASP community.<br>
Building networking opportunities and growing our memberships are important cornerstones of the success of OWASP in achieving its mission.<br>
One major goal for me and the board is to further grow our OWASP community through-out the world.
'''3) Professionalize the OWASP organization'''
OWASP has known a tremendous growth in the past 10 years. <br>
The supporting Foundation has grown together with the community in an organic way.<br>
It is time we adjust our organization’s structure and make it ready for the next 10 years.<br>
My objective for the coming years is to professionalize the OWASP Foundation, so it stays the ideal home for volunteers to start great projects.<br>
A clear governance with well-defined roles, responsibilities and objectives for the OWASP Board, its employees and the committees is critically important to further sustain our growth.<br>
Together we have to transform OWASP in the best 'platform' supporting our Projects, Chapters, Conferences and outreach programs.

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I am active within OWASP since 2005 and have contributed year on year to OWASP chapters, conferences, projects and the OWASP mission of fighting the causes of software insecurity.
I served on the OWASP Foundation board from 2007 to 2013.
I co-organized the European AppSec Conferences in OWASP AppSec Europe 2008 - Belgium and OWASP AppSec Europe 2009 - Poland.
I have started the successful Belgium Chapter in 2005 and have helped starting other chapters in Europe.
Together with the Netherlands and Luxembourg we organize the yearly OWASP BeNeLux Days.
Currently I am the OWASP OpenSAMM co-project leader (details on www.opensamm.org).

I am managing partner application security at [www.toreon.com Toreon] in Belgium.

More details are available on:
LinkedIn: sebadele
Twitter: SebaDele

To see my wiki contributions, click here.

Besides my OWASP activitities I also co-organize the yearly BruCON conference in Brussels.