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Michael Zusman is an independent consultant, helping clients improve their application security posture, and overcome other technological hurdles through research and design initiatives.
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Prior to going independent, Michael was a Director of Consulting at the Intrepidus Group. At Intrepidus, his focus was on assisting clients in architecting secure mobile solutions and applications for various platforms including iOS, Android, and RIM. Prior to joining Intrepidus Group, Mike has held the positions of Escalation Engineer at Microsoft, Security Program Manager at Automatic Data Processing, and lead architect & developer at a number of smaller firms.
In addition to his corporate experience, Mike is an independent security researcher, and has responsibly disclosed a number of critical vulnerabilities to commercial software vendors and other clients. He has spoken about mobile application security at a number of top industry events including Black Hat, CanSecWest, OWASP meetings and at local colleges including Polytechnic University.
Mike brings 12 years of security, technology, and business experience to Intrepidus Group. He has attained the CISSP certification, and is a co-leader of the OWASP Mobile Security Project.

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