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*To see my wiki contributions [[:special:Contributions/Sandra Paiva|click here]].
*To see my wiki contributions [[:special:Contributions/Sandra Paiva|click here]].
*[mailto:sandrappaiva@gmail.com Email address].
*[mailto:sandrappaiva@gmail.com Email and Google Talk address].

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I was, up to the end of July 2010, Head of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) for Europe, Middle East and Africa at the Mergermarket Group (part of the FT Group), having joined the company in July 2007 as a CRM Executive. I have a graduate degree in Statistics and Management of Information and a post-graduate degree in the same area. Before joining Mergermarket, I worked for two years at Dealogic on the Mergers & Acquisitions and Loan Markets products.

Prior to moving to London in 2004, I have worked in several universities in Portugal where I firstly, for roundly half a dozen of years, taught Maths and Statistics and thereafter, throughout an academic year, worked in the conceptualization, development and production of materials to support academic and scientific events and in the creation of methodologies to repackage contents and support academic and scientific activity.

For additional info, please see CV/Resume.