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Welcome to my page where you can find more details about who I am and what I do at OWASP.

Petr Zavodsky

  • 1977, Czech Republic
  • Work Experience:

Brusson, a.s. (Air Bank), Brno, Czech Republic - IT Security Specialist, a.s., Brno, Czech Republic - Penetration Tester

Astronomical Institute of the Academy of Science of the Czech Republic, Interplanetary matter department, Ondrejov, Czech Republic - Observer of Meteors

- ...

OWASP - Czech Republic


Mailing list:

My paper about OWASP to: (in Czech): (in Czech):


web: PolyTechnic.Name

ICT blog: Letmo z ICT (Czech)

e-mail 1: petr.zavodsky at

e-mail 2: petr.zavodsky at

e-mail 3: petr.zavodsky at