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Paulo has begun working for OWASP in July 2007 assuming the Spring of Code closing process. In the beginning of 2008, he has become OWASP part-time employee assuming the role of Project Manager. After completing his IELTS course, his status has changed again when in July 2008 he moved into a full-time position. He answers directly to the OWASP Board and has been working closely with the OWASP Global Projects Committee since it has been institutionalized in November 2008.

A few of his OWASP’s heterogeneous contributions are as follows:

Paulo Coimbra has a M.S. in Management (Technical University of Lisbon), a B.S. in Management and Social Development (Portuguese Catholic University), and a Post-Graduation in Political Science (University of Lisbon). He is currently attending a Law degree evening class.

He has worked in management since 1992. He has performed different roles, from Economist (IAPMEI/Portuguese Ministry of Economy) to Teacher of Finances, Accountancy and M&A (Polytechnic Institutes of Setubal and Santarém), to Marketing Director and Teacher of Project Finance, Corporate Communication and Political Science (Piaget Institute).