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Paulo has begun working for OWASP in July 2007 assuming the Spring of Code closing process. In the beginning of 2008, he has become OWASP part-time employee assuming the role of Project Manager. After completing his IELTS course, his status has changed again when in July 2008 he moved into a full-time position. He answers directly to the OWASP Board and has been working closely with the OWASP Global Projects Committee since it has been institutionalized in November 2008.

A few of his OWASP’s heterogenous contribuitions are as follows:

Paulo Coimbra has a B.S. in Management and Social Development (Portuguese Catholic University), a M.S. in Management (Technical University of Lisbon), a Post-Graduation in Political Science (University of Lisbon) and is currently attending a Law degree eevening class.

He has worked in management since 1992. He has performed different roles in distinct work places, from Economist (IAPMEI/Portuguese Ministry of Economy) to Teacher of Finances and Accountancy (Polytechnic Institute of Setubal), to Marketing Director and Teacher of Project Finance, Corporate Communication and Political Theory (Piaget Institute).

  1. Launch and manage the
  2. Contribute to and stabilize OWASP’s new Assessment Criteria 2.0,
  3. Contribute to the assessment, and re-assessment, of all OWASP projects.
  4. Build and maintain a wiki page with the status of all OWASP projects and their assessments.
  5. To welcome new developers who are interested in joining OWASP community.
  6. Help project leaders and participants with their projects in any way that I can.
  7. Assist with the OWASP Summit Conference planning.