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I have a software engineering degree, soon to be M.Sc. in Information Systems, and have been working on software development projects since 1998. I have experience with a variety of technologies (.NET, J2EE, CORBA, and COM+) on diverse platforms (Solaris, Linux, and Windows). I enjoy dealing with software architecture and design, server-side development, high throughput and large scale software systems.

I have some writings here and there including several articles at Java.net and Dzone. I have authored multiple refcards, published by Dzone, including but not limited to Using XML in Java, Java EE Security and GlassFish v3 refcardz. I am one of the founding members of NetBeans Dream Team and a GlassFish community spotlighted developer. I authored a book titled GlassFish Security which has been published in 2010 and covers GlassFish v3 security and Java EE 6 security.

My main area of research and interest includes service-oriented architecture and large scale systems’ development and deployment. In my spare time I enjoy photography, mountaineering and climbing.

My twitter is @MasoudKalali if you want to know what I am doing…

P.S: I am a principal software engineer at ORACLE/ GlassFish team working on Cloud and security features.