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Senior Developer at QuikTrip in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

My current emphasis is in Microsoft .NET technologies including C#, VB.NET, and SQL Server. Recent project experiences include converting legacy VB software to .NET, creating and maintaining operational support web sites to help QuikTrip manage it’s 600+ stores.

Blog: [1]


C#, C/C++,RPGILE, COBOL, SQL, (SQL Server, Oracle, Sybase, PostgreSQL)


My current passion is talking and learning about security and integrating it into SDLC to create secure code. Within that field I have contributed to…

Contributor Tulsa TechFest October 2012 Annual technical training conference. I organized entire track on security bringing academia and national recognize speakers on security and digital forensics.

2nd Annual (ISC)2 Security Congress/ASIS International 58th September 2012. I presented a poster session and paper for peer review on integrating security into an organization SDLC.

OWASP, contributor/reviewer for OWASP Application Security Code of Conduct books 2.0 (not released yet)

Currrent project support manager OWASP Code review project 2.0.

Vice-President Tulsa .Net Users Club. 2012 present.

Presenter at Tulsa TechFest October 2011

INFOSEC Certificate Program at University of Tulsa

ISC(2) CISSP Certification

Committee on Nation Security Systems Certificates. NSTISSI No. 4011:

Information Systems Security Professional, 4012:

Prior Projects

Williams Communications Group/WilTel/Level 3 Communications.

• Senior Software Architect for a geographic diverse development group that is delivering an application responsible for routing videos feeds for news and sports content across Level 3 lP network for major broadcasters. This application was the primary way Vivx received video reservations. 70% of video reservations where online within 30 minutes of Vyvx receiving the video reservation. Written in C++ using gcc, on Solaris/Linux.

• Senior Software Architect on internal web application for our Telco Pricing application written in C#, html, java script. The application was architected to make application scalable with better integration with our CRM application (Siebel) using direct api calls into Siebel as well as using data from Siebel database and web services to obtain data from a teleco vendor and mapping software and object oriented in order to make application more flexible for future growth and change. Pricing application was viewed by sales and marketing management as a competitive advantage for Level 3 against it competitors by allowing sales force to quickly and confidently deliver quotes using a step by step approach and allows marketing to track leads and sales by market, product, etc. Technologies used were C#, ASPX, Java script, Oracle, MapInfo MapXtreme and Siebel.

• As the software architect I lead the analysis, design, and development for IP network Service Level Management (SLM). I was team lead/Architect responsible for collecting measurements on the IP network. Measurements include Network availability, Packet loss, Latency, Jitter. Level 3’s SLM application was a sales differentiator for sales and operations by allowing customers to see entire SLM from end point to end point. We are able to measure network core, edge to core, and end to end. Code written in C++ using gcc, on Solaris/Linux. Uses Pthreads, LIBPCAP for Real-time C++ Network Systems Programming. SLM has a front end web portal written in Java, JSP using JBoss. Oracle is the database on a Sun Solaris server.

• As the software architect I lead the development of the usage and discounting modules for a wholesale voice telecommunications billing system. WilTel discounting was heavy used by sales to implement various discounting models to help create sales. Application was design so sales could create discounting models without having to ask IT for enhancements to existing application. Voice Billing was a large revenue source. The model was developed using C++, MS SQL, Windows NT.

• Team member looking at integrated solution for single sign on solution, Also part of security team acting as a liaison between Development and Infrastructure within IT.