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Involved in OWASP ESAPI for Java EE project, starting in July, 2009.

  • Rewrite ESAPI 2.0 symmetric encryption
  • General code clean-up.
  • Project co-owner, along with Jim Manico and Chris Schmidt

Involved in OWASP ESAPI for C++ (since May, 2011)

  • Troublesome meddler (aka, tor-mentor)
  • Working on porting ESAPI 2.0's crypto to C++ along with Jeff Walton.
  • I swore I'd never do C++ again; I must be out of my freakin' mind.

Day job

  • Presently Staff Security Engineer at CenturyLink (f/k/a Qwest)
  • Formerly tech lead of Application Security Team at Qwest for 11 years
  • Full-time husband and father


  • Active participant in following mailing lists: Security Coding, Web Application Security, IPCop-Users, OWASP-ESAPI, cryptography
  • Interests include reading, soccer (futbol), cryptography, and computer security