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Kate joined the OWASP Foundation May 2008

Kate's Ongoing Job Duties

Kate works within the organization to supervise and facilitate the following operationally critical tasks within the OWASP Foundation:

writing, forms development, group dynamics, research, survey design, statistics, long-range planning, fiscal mamagement, governance, community resources, art work/graphics, printing, advertising/marketing, photography, speakers, website and user maintenance, training coordination, event planning, catering, travel, editing, accounting, fundraising, public relations, organizing, scheduling, coordinating, facilitating media relations, committee liason, Board of Directors liason, resource management, volunteer coordinator, publishing, translation and communications, membership management, human resources

Current Goals outside above dutues:

Foundation Governance, Committee Governnace, Upgraded Newsletter/Journal Publication, Job Descriptions (committee, OWASP Staff, Volunteer, Board of Directors, Budgetary Guidelines, Establishing details for OWASP Foundation Europe (accounting and reporting)