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WASPY_Awards_2013 Best Chapter Leader 2013 nomination: While it's actually true that I've did some weeks with 20-25 hours of work while rebooting Montreal's chapter, I do not do that each week..

Involvement with OWASP

  • All around helper at OWASP booth at BlackHat (2012, 2013)



As the chapter leader of OWASP Montreal, Jonathan manages most of the events and do the online community management. He is filling up the 2013 chapter's agenda with continuous events and bring new activities than just presentations the way we are used to: Workshops on OWASP projects, community mash-up with other programming related user groups, doing talks in various venues and online events using YouTube and Google Hangouts. He is also Advisor of the security track of ConFoo, a Web techno conference held each year in Montreal that gathers over 600 Web developers and enthusiasts.

Aside from OWASP participation, Jonathan is involved in many communities events in new technologies such as NorthSec, a technical computer security competition, where he is working on Web related exercises as a challenge designer. His main occupation is consulting in Web application security, but deep down he is a developer with a agnostic vision of programming languages. He holds a diploma in Software Engineering from Ecole de Technologie Superieure and have more than 10 years of experience in Information Technology and Security.


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