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John Pool, Security Specialist at Micro Focus. John got his start in security in the mid 1990s with the Orange Book series and SCO Unix, consulting and teaching in South Africa. For the next decade, John held roles from Solution Architect to Sales Specialist while living in South Africa, Cyprus (Middle East) and the the U.S. Looking for change, John went to work for Catbird which was an early pioneer in the virtualization security space in 2007. In 2010, John formalized his security credentials by getting his CISSP (Certified Information Systems Security Professional) certification. John has done security consulting and security assessments for many companies including banks, universities and financial institutions. He also consulted at Guident Technology while they built a compliance reporting platform to determine compliance for the Federal government. While it was HP's vision and technology leadership that attracted John to HP in 2011, he found that HP's solution approach to people and process as they develop technology is a perfect match for his philosophy and experience with security issues. With HP, John provides assistance to companies all over the state of Florida to help them secure their data and applications from all types of security threats and risks.