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My name is Jim Manico and I've been an active member of OWASP since 2008.

  • I am the founder, producer and host of the OWASP Podcast Series. As of May 2011 I have published 84 shows and have spent over 500 hours making the OWASP Podcast a reality. I am grateful to my many guests who have made the show a success.
  • I am also a contributor and project manager of the ESAPI Project. I have one of the largest number of individual check-in's for the ESAPI-Java project and work to ease communication between the many volunteers of this project.
  • I am also the chair of the [OWASP Connections committee | OWASP Connections Committee] where I manage the OWASP Blog, twitter feed and [press communications] for OWASP. I feel that these activities are directly inline with the OWASP core mission of spreading awareness.
  • I am also spearheading several ESAPI-like projects that provide modular single-use controls for ease of use. I have only begun these efforts, but have started the OWASP Encoder, the OWASP validator and the OWASP HTML Sanitizer project with a variety of very talented developers.

I feel very hesitant to list what I have given to OWASP, because OWASP has given so much more to me. I am a teacher/student of secure coding practices and have found OWASP materials to be the best in industry.