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I am studying Systems Engineering (Computer Science) at National Polytechnic School and I like very much topics related with Computer Security: Cybersecurity, Malware Research, Information Security, Crypto, Web Security.

I am President, CEO and Founder of Hackem Research Group, this is a Free Software and Computer Security Group that uses the OWASP Documentation and Software to Study Web Application Security and Countermeasures to prevent Vulnerabilities while working on Development Projects.

Another objective of Hackem Research Group is promoting the use, development and research of Free Technologies for education as a better alternative than Privative Software.

I like to teach about Computer Security and to participate in Security Events (Conferences, Wargames, CTF and more). Nowadays I am a Developer of Free Software and an Independent Security Researcher.

I am OWASP Chapter Leader in Ecuador at EPN, if you want to know more about our chapter or Hackem Research Group, here are some useful links.