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I was born in Arquipa-Peru boy ever since I was disturbed by the great philosophical igcógnita Why do I exist?, Why do I exist? and by whom I am ?..... that's just the beginning at 16 years researching the Athenian Platonic philosophy from the 4th century BC and I love the fact that democracy, psychology, and virtually civilization was forged in Greece with Plato and his famous works of the Republic where they talk about justice (in politics how rulers must lead the people ethically), good (better be a victim of a harm-harm that Socrates), I investigating the principles of pragmatic philosophy, born in USA, which are the work and scientific and technological progress. I've also read the Bible and the synthesis that is that I infer from it: The fire is not quenched with more fire (eg violence generates a chain of violence =). You must love, understand and do understand that the negative acts, leading to ignorance, suffering and death. Now I'm looking for how to combat viruses hidden in cryptography Shanon, Idea and hashes. My aim is not fighting fire with firewalls but to develop a system impervious to virus. How it is a cryptosystem. I think in reality I know I can help with my knowledge of anti-malware developers.