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Federico Casani entered in ICT world from 2005. He has worked in web application development and security since 2006: before that he has studied about automation and domotics protocols (like KNXnet/IP and EIBsec).
He is a Senior Consultant for [http://www.altran.it Altran Italia] where he works as Software Developer Engineer:
Web Applications, SOA solutions, Web Services, I&AM and Enterprise Communication Layers.
Federico Casani has Magister Degree in Telecommunications Engineering from Parma University.
[http://www.giac.org/star/listings/DEVELOPER/319 SANS GIAC S.T.A.R. Web Application Security]
[http://www.giac.org/star/listings/Audit/521 SANS GIAC S.T.A.R. Payment Card Industry]
[http://hackingthenet.wordpress.com blog]
[http://hackingthenet.wordpress.com blog]
[mailto:f.casani@owasp.org email]
[mailto:f.casani@owasp.org email]
[http://www.owasp.org/index.php/OWASP_Code_Review_Guide_ITA OWASP Code Review Guide V1.1-ITA]

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