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Fabio is currently working as an Information Security Specialist at AIB Bank (Dublin, Ireland). His tasks include performing risk analysis, assessing the security of web applications developed internally or purchased from third parties, define policies and standards on secure coding, as well as providing training on web application security to developers, auditors, executives and security professionals.

Prior to joining AIB, he worked as a Security Engineer at Symantec Security Response European Headquarters analyzing malicious code, blended threats, security risks and vulnerabilities in various applications. Before moving to Ireland, he worked in the development of different training programs and activities with emphasis on secure software development in his native Argentina.

As a member of the OWASP organization, Fabio is part of Global Education Committee whose mission is to provide training and educational services to businesses, governments and educational institutions on application security, he coordinates international conferences around this topic, and since early 2010 has been appointed chairman of OWASP Chapter in Ireland. Fabio is a graduate in Computer Engineering from the Universidad Católica Argentina and has been granted the CISSP by (ISC) 2 back in 2006.

If you would like to contact Fabio, please feel free to do so at: or