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I am a web application security enthusiast.

I currently work as a Research Associate, with the Computer Security Laboratory, Temasek Laboratories @NTU.

I am also involved heavily with the OWASP Newsletter and ESAPI Objective-C ports.

I was a research student at the Nanyang Technological University specializing in Web App Security. I had 7 international publications during this period including a best paper award in the International Conference of Internet Monitoring and Protection and a paper publication with the International Journal on Advances in Security.

I worked in the EADS Innovation Works on an "Early Cyber Threat Classification" System.

You can reach me at /


Current working on OWASP ESAPI Objective-C and OWASP Newsletter. My other research interests include malware analysis and classification, vulnerability analysis, exploitation etc.,.

If you have any articles you would like to see published on the Newsletter feel free to pass them to me.

Best Regards, Deepak Subramanian