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Dag Hovland is involved in [[Category:OWASP_Content_Validation_using_Java_Annotations_Project]]
Dag Hovland is involved in [[:Category:OWASP_Content_Validation_using_Java_Annotations_Project]]

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Dag Hovland is involved in Category:OWASP_Content_Validation_using_Java_Annotations_Project


  • PhD student at University of Bergen, Dept. of Informatics, 2007-present
  • MD Computer Science, University of Bergen, 2006

Email: dag.hovland@uib.no

Phone: +47 970 46 378

Work Address: Institutt for informatikk, Universitetet i Bergen, PB. 7803, N-5020 Bergen, Norway

Web-site: www.ii.uib.no/~dagh