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Tom Brennan is the founder of proactiveRISK and veteran of the United States Marines Corps. Tom is a long time volunteer to the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) serving as the Global Vice Chairman and contributes to many other not-for-profit technical committees including the (ISC)2 Application Security Advisory Council (ASAC), the International Legal and Technology Association (ILTA) LegalSEC and Council of Cyber Security, Roles & Controls Panel that all have a global scope committed to the security of the open Internet.

He founded the OWASP New Jersey Chapter after serving on the Board of Directors for the FBI Infragard program. The NJ OWASP Chapter later merged with the New York City Chapter in 2006 creating OWASP NYC Metro Chapter. Tom was appointed to the Global Board of Directors in 2007 by his peers and was re-elected by the membership for another term.

During his leadership of OWASP Foundation he has led many global and local initiatives for OWASP

- Written recommendations from 60+ industry leaders: ONLINE - OWASP interview at AppSecUSA 2013 - Video - Interview with PenTest Magazine about OWASP Foundation. - 2012 OWASP Board Candidate Interview: Audio / Transcript - Video Interview about OWASP with Tom Brennan, 2008 - Video 1, Video 2 - Thousands of wiki commits to OWASP.ORG since 2004 see: Wiki Edits

Tom holds many industry certifications since he began his technical journey in 1983 including the (ISC)²® CBK / CISSP and many others

Contributor and champion to many OWASP projects including:

-- OWASP RFQ Criteria, Software Security

-- OWASP HTTP Post DoS Tool

-- OWASP Testing Guide

-- OWASP Mod_Security Core Rule Set

-- Incident Response Top 10 Project