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Tom Brennan - BIO Profile

Tom Brennan started with technology in 1983, this was the same year as WarGames and armed with a Televideo 802H CP/M machine and later 8-Bit variants he was off to a past-time that later developed into a legitimate career. He served with the United States Marines Corps until a career ending injury in 1991 and then focused his energy on the convergence of physical and electronic security. After September 11th 2011 he was elected by the membership and served with the New Jersey FBI/Infragard program 2002-2004 focused on critical infrastructure awareness and community building. In 2004 he founded the OWASP New Jersey Chapter that today includes NYC Metro as a single chapter. In 2007 Brennan was appointed by his application security peers to the OWASP International Board of Directors.

Other Volunteer Activities:

- Marine Corps League

- American Legion

- American Bar Association - Science & Technology Law Committee

- CS1 Ad Hoc Meeting Participant

- FBI/Infragard Secure-Member

When not volunteering, Tom is the Director of Strategic Initiatives, at Trustwave SpiderLabs focused on response and investigation, analyst and testing, research and development. <Blog> Trustwave is headquartered in the United States in Chicago, Ill. with offices throughout Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America and South America more info..

A father of four children, Tom is frequent and entertaining speaker at information security conferences on the convergence of physical and electronic security.

To follow the daily antics of Tom on Twitter - Click Here or call 973-202-0122 anytime to collaborate