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Tom Brennan is a volunteer to the OWASP Foundation since 2004 when he founded the New Jersey Chapter. That chapter later merged with the New York City Chapter. He was appointed to the International Board of Directors in 2007 and was re-elected by the membership in 2012 for another two year term. During his leadership of OWASP Foundation he has led many global and local initiatives for OWASP.

- BIO and written recommendations from 60+ infosec community members: ONLINE .PDF

- Interview with PenTest Magazine about OWASP Foundation.

- 2012 OWASP Board Candidate Interview: Audio / Transcript

- Video Interview about OWASP with Tom Brennan - Video 1, Video 2

- Thousands of wiki commits to OWASP.ORG since 2004 see: Wiki Edits

-- Tom continues to have a global view of the organization in support of it's global mission and locally executes on this mission at the local chapter noted as the largest and most active OWASP chapter in the world. As OWASP continues to grow rapidly, technical projects are critical starting with the Project Reboot of 2012, Tom would like to see all future code based projects using GitHUB, and task driven advisory groups from industry critical infrastructure representatives.

The NYC team will be the hosting the OWASP AppSecUSA 2013 Conference in NYC led by Tom for the second time. He also hosted it AppSecUSA in 2008 video

Tom was nominated by his technical peers as a candidate for the 2012 ISLA Americas Awards from ISC2

Tom holds many industry certifications since he began his technical journey in 1983 ranging across software mfgs., and industry standards bodies including the (ISC)²® CBK / CISSP and others.

Contributor to many OWASP projects including:

-- OWASP RFQ Criteria, Software Security

-- OWASP HTTP Post DoS Tool

-- OWASP Testing Guide

-- OWASP Mod_Security Core Rule Set

In addition to investing thousands of hours sharing technical and non-technical advice at OWASP, since 2010 Tom is the Director of Global Strategic Initiatives at Trustwave SpiderLabs focused on response and investigation, analysis and testing, research and development]. Trustwave with over 1000 employees is headquartered in the United States in Chicago, Ill. with offices throughout Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America and South America. Recently has pushed the Top 10 CBT to the community

Tom is frequent and entertaining speaker at information security conferences and technical briefings worldwide including Blackhat, GFIRST,HOPE, FBI/DHS/USSS, ISSA, ISACA, Global and Local OWASP events on the convergence of physical and software security risks, threats and suggestions on a better approach to filter the noise with actionable intelligence.