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  • I'm Azzeddine RAMRAMI an Enteprise Security Architect at Groupe PVCP in Paris/France.
  • I'm also teaching a course at FSR Rabat in High Speed Network and Security.
  • I teached a course at ENSIAS on Physical Security and SmartCard.
  • EC-Council C|EH
  • Mile Senior Instructor for CPTE, CPTC and CSWAE courses.

Main Projects

VoIP Open Source IP secured Phone

  • Design and manufacturing of the first secured VoIP phone base on smartCard, TLS and Analog Device DSP BlackFIN BF537.

Cloud Mail Encryption Gateway

Cryptographic Engineering

  • Design an inovative hard disk real-time hardware encryption supporting USB 2.0, SATA and IDE.

Identity Management & PKI

  • IAM and PKI Opensource project under Linux Redhat and Fedora.
  • Complete IBE (Identity Based Encryption) Library for Linux & Windows using C++. As Open source Project.

Electronic CAD Software

  • Electronic CAD software from Capture to PCB under the same interface based on Linux Fedora with a complete process and steps. Should be released as Open Source Project.

Professional experience

  • 10 years successful in-depth experience inside CAPGEMINI.SOGET IS
  •   4 yeas successful experience inside Société Générale
  •   6 years successful in-depth experience inside UNISYS Group Networking and Security department.


  • EC-Council C|EH
  • Novel CNE
  • ITILv3 Fundation Certified
  • Certified Architect


  • Arabic
  • English
  • French
  • Dutch
  • German
  • Japaneese
  • Berbere


  • Email  : azzeddine[dot]ramrami[at]owasp[dot]org
  • Skype  : azzeddine[dot]ramrami
  • IRC  : N/A
  • GPG key  : N/A
  • Fedora Account: aramrami