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Welcome to my User Page.

I also maintain a blog @

Certifications : RHCE and CEH

I work as a Server Admin on *nix Platform. Interested in Ethical Hacking with focus on Web application Penetration Testing.

My Experience could be summarized as listed below.

  • Operating Systems : Linux (RedHat/Fedora, Debian/Ubuntu), DOS, Windows(9X,XP,Vista)
  • Servers : HTTP (Apache, IIS, Tomcat), SMB, NFS, FTP, DNS.
  • Scripting : Shell Scripting, Batch File Scripting, VB Scripting (VBA).
  • Web Development : PHP, ASP (classic), HTML, XHTML, CSS (introductory), JSP, and JavaScript.
  • Programming : C/C++, VB 6.0, Java.
  • Database : MySQL, Oracle 10 g (introductory level)
  • VA / PT Tools : Wapiti, w3af

Don't Learn to hack, Hack to learn.