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Hello everyone,

As of May 5, 2008 I will no longer be working as OWASP's Operations Director. I have gone down to part time, and will only be working on Mondays and Tuesdays. I will be in charge of OWASP's bookkeeping and membership tracking. OWASP has hired a new Operations Director, who will be in charge of all of OWASP's administrative operations going forward. Her name is Kate Hartmann, and you can contact her at or 301-575-0197.

The following is a list of my Job Duties and To Do List, as well as a list of the duties I was previously in charge of, that Kate will be taking over.

Alison's Ongoing Job Duties

1. Bookkeeping

  - Pay all OWASP bills
  - Send invoices for Accounts Receivable
  - Reconciliation of Visa, MasterCard, Discover and AMEX accounts
  - Reconcile bank accounts each month
  - Send Board Members quarterly Balance Sheets
  - Invoice Conference Sponsors
  - Send payments for conference expenses
  - Break out conference revenues into appropriate sub-accounts 
   (conference, meal, hotel, training, etc)

2. Handle scheduling and billing for Banner Ads

  - Market Banner Ads
  - Invoice for Ads as they are sold
  - Ensure Ads are up for the right time period and are the right images

3. Maintain OWASP On the Move (OotM) OWASP On the Move Payments

4. Track OWASP Memberships

  - Send membership renewal reminders each month to those registrations about to expire
  - Update membership database as people add, renew or discontinue membership
  - Collect member company logo’s and post to OWASP website
  - Send Board Members monthly update on new memberships, renewals, etc.
  - Targeted marketing to new OWASP corporate members

Alison's Current To Do List

1. Work with Larry to put together a proposal for selling banner ads in 2009 (have completed by June 2008 Board Teleconference)

2. Contact SpoC 2007 grant winners - get payment details (EM from Dinis on 4/3)

Kate's Ongoing Job Duties

1. Assist with OWASP Conference Planning - Current Conferences: New York

  - Select, order, and ship conference materials (ie: Shirts, pens, lanyards, etc.)
  - Manage registration database (Cvent)
  - Locate and contract for conference sites as needed
  - Assist with coordination of speakers and travel as needed
  - Identify new conference opportunities and organize such conferences
  - Attend conferences as necessary
  - Once conference is complete, put together a summary of conference/course  evaluations - see 
    what we can do to improve in the future

2. Write and post monthly OWASP Newsletters

3. Update/Create new pages on the OWASP website as needed

4. Maintain Members Offers Page

5. Schedule, Organize, Create Agenda, and take minutes for monthly OWASP Board meetings via conference call OWASP Board Meetings

6. Assist board members, Chapter Leaders, Project Leaders and OWASP members with any issues/questions/projects as they arise