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Hello everyone,

My name is Alison McNamee, and I am OWASP's new Operations Director. I will be handing all of OWASP's administrative operations going forward. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions/problems with anything OWASP related. My phone number is 301-604-4882, and my email address is

The following is a list of New Items and Request, my Ongoing Job Duties, a To Do list that I am currently working on and a list of Recently Completed Tasks:

New Items and Requests




Ongoing Job Duties

1. Bookkeeping

  - Pay all OWASP bills
  - Send invoices for Accounts Receivable
  - Reconcile bank accounts each month
  - Send Board Members quarterly Balance Sheets

2. Track OWASP Memberships

  - Send membership renewal reminders each month to those registrations about to expire
  - Update membership database as people add, renew or discontinue membership
  - Send Board Members monthly update on new memberships, renewals, etc.
  - Try to attract new members

3. Assist with OWASP Conference Planning - Current Conferences: Australia, Belgium, New York

  - Order Supplies (ie: Shirts, pens, lanyards, etc.)
  - Manage registration database
  - Invoice Conference Sponsors
  - Send payments for conference expenses
  - Once conference is complete, put together a summary of conference/course evaluations - see what we can do to improve in the future

4. Write and post monthly OWASP Newsletters

5. Handle scheduling and billing for Banner Ads; post Banners

6. Update/Create new pages on the OWASP website as needed; Maintain Members Offers Page

7. Schedule, Organize, Create Agenda, and take minutes for monthly OWASP Board meetings via conference call OWASP Board Meetings

8. Maintain OWASP On the Move (OotM) OWASP On the Move Payments

9. Assist board members, Chapter Leaders, Project Leaders and OWASP members with any issues/questions/projects as they arise

Current To Do List

1. Put together a list of companies to target for OWASP corporate membership – figure out strategy for trying to attract them

2. Contact different conferences – see if they would be interested in having OWASP teach a class/give a presentation

3. Once we receive videos from San Jose conference, post them to website

4. Collect address and shirt size for all SpoC 2007 participants - order shirts and ship them to each individual

5. Post Internship on Wiki

6. Work with Seba & Tom to propose guidelines for how chapters can use virtual points - once approved by board send to chapter leaders

7. Work with Larry to put together a proposal for selling banner ads in 2009 (have completed by June 2008 Board Teleconference)

8. Push to get taxes done for 2007 and have audit conducted - once complete put that info on wiki

9. Work with Dave to put together a job description for OWASP Director

10. Send stuff to OWASP Week participating chapters (once items are approved)

11. Once rules are approved, post OotM guidelines to wiki

Recently Completed Tasks

1. Send an email to all OWASP members introducing myself

2. Compile a spreadsheet of all OWASP members (Individual, Education/Non Profit and Corporate), research when they joined, how much they paid, if they owe money, etc.

3. Get into contact with corporate members whose membership expired in the second half of 2007 - offer them a 10% discount if they renew their membership

4. Update News page on the wiki

5. Put together an OWASP flyer to send to BlackHat (to distribute at conference)

6. Put together spreadsheet of all OWASP Local Chapters, Chapter Lead, Contact Info.

7. Review books for 2007 - Send 1099 to all applicable people

8. Convert all San Jose presentations from ppt to pdf - send to Dinis Cruz for book

9. Figure out expense vs. income for San Jose Conference

10. Email chapter leaders that are not active, see what we can do to help, if they no longer want to be chapter lead, etc.

11. Send an email to all OWASP Corporate Members and Conference Sponsors seeing if they are interested in purchasing advertising space