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Name: Alison Shrader

Title: Bookkeeper (Part-time)

eMail: alison.shrader@owasp.org

Phone: 301-575-0197

Mailing Address: 9175 Guilford Road, Suite 300 - Columbia, MD 21046 - USA

Responsible for:

1. Bookkeeping

  * Paying all OWASP bills
  * Sending invoices for Accounts Receivable
  * Reconciling Visa, MasterCard, Discover and AMEX accounts
  * Reconciling bank accounts each month
  * Sending Board Members quarterly Balance Sheets
  * Tracking local chapter income/expenses Donation Scoreboard
  * Maintaining OWASP On the Move (OotM) OWASP On the Move Payments

2. Tracking OWASP Memberships

  * Sending membership renewal reminders each month to those registrations about to expire
  * Updating membership database as people add, renew or discontinue membership
  * Sending Board Members monthly update on new memberships, renewals, etc.
  * Updating Donation Scoreboard of a monthly basis

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