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Alexander Polyakov aka @sh2kerr, CTO at ERPSCAN, head of DSecRG and architect of ERPSCAN Security scanner for SAP. His expertise covers security of enterprise business-critical software like ERP, CRM, SRM, RDBMS, banking and processing software. He is the manager of OWASP-EAS (OWASP subproject), a well-known security expert of the enterprise applications of such vendors as SAP and Oracle, who published a significant number of vulnerabilities found in the applications of these vendors. He is the author of multiple whitepapers devoted to information security research, and the author of the book "Oracle Security Through the Eyes of the Auditor: Attack and Defense" (in Russian). He is also one of the contributors to Oracle with Metasploit project. Alexander spoke at the international conferences like BlackHat, RSA, Defcon, HITB, InfoSecurity. Co-organizer of the ZeroNights conference and the PCI DSS Russia conference, held in Moscow, Russia.