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Alessio is an eight years experienced Agile Web systems engineer specialised in building bespoke secure financial systems using a broad range of Microsoft technologies.

Alessio has relevant experience on Web Penetration Testing and code auditing carried on with both technical and security approaches against different types of web systems on client side.

Alessio has proven skills and abilities to handle extended web2 enabled projects from the design both UI design and technical architecture to a stable and reliable stage while using Microsoft and Owasp patterns.

Being active on the scene for the last 8 years, and having worked on different kind of projects and clients, Alessio posses a strong knowledge that encompass many technologies related to software and web application development on Microsoft environments.

Alessio has also authored two books on Microsoft ASP.NET (2.0 and 3.5)

OWASP Code Crawler

At OWASP Alessio is the Project Leader of OWASP CodeCrawler a tool aimed at assisting code review practitioners. It is a static code review tool which searches for key topics within .NET and J2EE/JAVA code. The aim of the tool is to accompany the OWASP Code review Guide and to implement a total code review solution for Java and .NET software.