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Alessio Marziali (MCTS) is a Security Consultant, published technical author with two ASP.NET books currently available for purchase and OWASP Code Crawler Project Leader based in London.

On 2007 he received a media coverage for documenting major vulnerabilities on 27 different Italian's governament web sites.

Alessio has also authored two books on Microsoft ASP.NET (2.0 and 3.5)

OWASP Code Crawler

At OWASP Alessio is the Project Leader of OWASP CodeCrawler a tool aimed at assisting code review practitioners. It is a static code review tool built using the latest version of Microsoft .NET Framework which searches for key topics within .NET and J2EE/JAVA code. The aim of the tool is to accompany the OWASP Code review Guide and to implement a total code review solution for Java and .NET software.