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Hello and welcome to my user page at You'll find some details about my public work and things related to web application security here. My OWASP wiki contributions here.

You can reach me mailto: achim (at) owasp -dot- org, or check some popular social networks ...

"some" Security ..

It's difficult to describe my knowledge in the security world without being subjective, hence replace some by whatever your feel happy with. The official title on the v-card will be senior security and network consultant, which means something too.

(Short) CV

Doing software development since early '80s, used to networking all the time, focused on web application security starting this millenium. Have seen coming, have evaluated, have configured and used and have seen disappearing a lot of WAFs and web application security scanners. Currently employed at SecureNet GmbH.

OWASP Activities

Public Papers / Work

Things should be made as simple as possible, but no simpler (Einstein)
KISS - keep it simple stupid