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| June 13th<br>  
| June 13th<br>  
| [[Leeds]]<br>  
| [[Leeds UK]]<br>  
| July 5th<br>  
| July 5th<br>  

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This is the landing page for the UK chapters. In the past few years we have grown from only one chapter to seven. This incedible growth is due to the fantastic efforts of those involved and the support we get from all OWASP chpater attendees. If you feel you can contribute to a chapter then please get in touch with the appropriate chapter leaders who will be more than happy to engage with you or your organisation.

There is a mailing list specifically for UK Chapter leaders, and anyone else interested in getting involved with chapter meetings: https://lists.owasp.org/mailman/listinfo/owasp-uk-leaders - anyone is welcome to sign up to this list.

In chronological order, please click on the chapter names for more details:

May 10th
Royal Holloway
May 30th
June 7th
Royal Holloway
June 6th
June 13th
Leeds UK
July 5th
Royal Holloway
July 12th
July 18th

This page is maintained manually, so please update it if you know of any other chapter meetings!

To get involved in a chapter, please see the relevant chapter page, join the chapter mailing list and/or contact the chapter leaders.

If you are interested in starting a new chapter please contact the UK chapter leaders list