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Welcome to the Top 10 2007 Public Comments / Review

Please note: This document is not to be used or referenced until after its release.


This document is in the final stages of review. In this stage this page is being updated frequently by Neil Smithline. Any changes you make will likely be overwritten by me. You can update the Word and PDF documents with impunity. Should you have any concerns, please contact me at "owasp-topten" in the domain of "" or use the discussion page. Everything from the beginning of this page through the heading "Final Document Below" will be deleted when we go live.


We are opening review of the Top 10 2007 until May 13, 2007. Please review the document and provide feedback to the mail list. If you cannot make public submissions or feedback but still wish to make your voice heard, please mail vanderaj (at)


You can download the Top 10 2007 here:

Release Candidate 2, 200705091808

  • Word (520 kb) - Use tracking changes and comments and send back {{
  • PDF (980 kb) - Useful for reading the document as is

Release Candidate 1 (old version)

  • Wiki - Preliminary Wiki version. Comments are welcome.

Final Document Below


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