Tiger User Manual

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Managing Projects

What is a Tiger Project?

Tiger project is a logical grouping of test targets and tests to be performed as a whole. Each Tiger project consists of zero or more targets, each containing zero or more tests (although projects without any targets and tests are not very meaningful).

Starting a New Project

A blank project is created automatically when you start Tiger. If you need to create a project based on a project template, or simply another blank project, do this:

  • To create a project based on a project template, from the File menu, select New.
  • To create a blank project, click the New button on the toolbar, or press Ctrl+N. Alternatively, from the File menu, select New and choose the "Blank Project" template.

Opening an Existing Project

To open an existing project, either

  • Click the Open toolbar button, or
  • From the File menu, select Open

Tiger projects have the .tgp file extension.