The Strengths of Combining Code Review with Application Penetration Testing

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The presentation

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The strengths of manual code review in findings vulns (using the Top 10 as the categories)
  • The strengths of manual pen testing in findings vulns (against Top 10)
  • How each technique can leverage the other.
  • How proving vulns can be important, but not really in a mature org
  • The massive benefit of finding where the vulns are in the CODE, not just finding the flaws in the application
  • How tracking down a penetration testing finding to where the flaw is in the actual code can be EXTREMELY hard
  • Potentially some discussion on the role of automated analysis tools (both code and external scanning) and their strengths
  • An how automated analysis tools can support a more efficient application security assessment process, when combined with manual analysis

The speaker

Dave Wichers Speaker bio will be posted shortly.