The Future of Mobile: Developing Secure Mobile Applications

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The Presentation: "The Future of Mobile: Developing Secure Mobile Applications"

Mobile applications enable millions of users to be more productive, have more fun, and interact with their world in more ways than ever before. We're approaching mobile applications with many of the same tried-and-true approaches that we've used in more traditional software, but what are the dangers? Mobile architectures run the gamut from simple web-based applications optimized for mobile displays to custom-built handset-specific applications that can interact directly with the mobile operating system.

In this talk, we’ll explore the hybrid mobile/web application approach, and discuss the threads that binds them together — information protection and convergence. Mobile devices are unique in that they offer one of the most potentially hostile environments imaginable -- privacy, compliance, and capture protection top the charts as the three most difficult issues facing mobile applications and those who use them. We’ll dive into specifics on what are today “mobile-only” threats; that is, those issues such as location-based services or text messages, and discover how they can be compromised, and how we, as security practitioners, can protect them and the back-end applications that service them.

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The Speaker: Jason Rouse

Mr. Rouse is Cigital’s Wireless and Mobile Security practice leader. Mr. Rouse has spent the last five years designing, implementing, and deploying state of the art wireless security solutions for mobile environments, spanning access control, application management, payment systems, and hybrid J2EE-and-mobile systems. Drawing from his wealth of experience in the security space and leveraging over a decade of hands-on experience, Mr. Rouse has become a trusted advisor to Fortune 50 companies, financial groups, and private interests. As a trusted advisor, Mr. Rouse has led standards efforts, chairing the FSTC Mobile Payment Security workgroup, and has contributed to several mobile payment solutions, greatly enhancing the security and performance of each project.

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