Testing for weak password change or reset functionalities (OTG-AUTHN-009)

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Test objectives

Determine the resistance of the application to subversion of the account change process allowing someone to change the password of an account.

Determine the resistance of reset passwords to guessing.

How to test

This test case aligns closely with OTG-AUTHN-007 - Testing for Weak Password Policy

  1. Can users other than administrators access change/reset passwords for accounts other than their own?
  2. Can users manipulate/subvert the password change/reset process to change/reset the password of another user or administrator?
  3. Is the password change/reset process vulnerable to CSRF?
  4. Are reset passwords generated randomly or using an algorithm the can be derived?
  5. How are reset passwords communicated to the user?





The password change/reset function is a sensitive function and requires some form of protection, such as requiring users to re-authenticate or presenting the user with confirmation dialogs during the process.