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OWASP Testing Guide v2 Table of Contents

Brief Summary

Testing an Oracle database server can be very beneficial to the security of the application. It is common that the database port (E.g. 1521) is protected by the firewall but can be accessible on the internal LAN. If the Oracle database is not hardened internal "insider attacks" may occur.

Description of the Issue

...here: Short Description of the Issue: Topic and Explanation

Black Box testing and example

Testing for Weak Account Passwords:
Result Expected:

Testing for Communication infrastructure & Availability:
Result Expected:

Gray Box testing and example

Testing for Authentication credential management:

  • Unlimited failed login attempts

Check the FAILED_LOGIN_ATTEMPTS parameter:

The FAILED_LOGIN_ATTEMPTS parameter is used to limit to the number of failed login attempts allowed before a user account is locked by the data base.

FAILED_LOGIN_ATTEMPTS can be set to a specific number of attempts; to UNLIMITED (never lock an account), to DEFAULT, which refers to the value indicated in the DEFAULT profile.

Setting this value reduces the potential success of a brute force attack and alerts. Once an account is locked it can not be logged into for a defined number of days or until the administrator unlocks the account.

  • Password Expiry
  • Password reuse
  • Unencrypted Database Link Password
  • Default Roles
  • PUBLIC Object Permissions
  • UTL Package Permissions
  • Default Tablespace

Result Expected:



OWASP Testing Guide v2

Here is the OWASP Testing Guide v2 Table of Contents