Testing Information Gathering

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This article is part of the new OWASP Testing Guide v4. 
At the moment the project is in the REVIEW phase.

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4.3 Testing for Information Gathering


4.2.1 Conduct Search Engine Discovery and Reconnaissance for Information Leakage (OTG-INFO-001) formerly "Search Engine Discovery/Reconnaissance (OWASP-IG-002)"

4.2.2 Fingerprint Web Server (OTG-INFO-002) formerly "Testing for Web Application Fingerprint (OWASP-IG-004)"

4.2.3 Review Webserver Metafiles for Information Leakage (OTG-INFO-003) formerly "Spiders, Robots and Crawlers (OWASP-IG-001)"

4.2.4 Enumerate Applications on Webserver (OTG-INFO-004) formerly "Application Discovery (OWASP-IG-005)"

4.2.5 Review Webpage Comments and Metadata for Information Leakage (OTG-INFO-005) formerly "Review webpage comments and metadata(OWASP-IG-007)"

4.2.6 Identify application entry points (OTG-INFO-006) formerly "Identify application entry points (OWASP-IG-003)"

4.2.7 Identify application exit/handover points (OTG-INFO-007) formerly "Identify application exit/handover points (OWASP-IG-008)"

4.2.8 Map execution paths through application (OTG-INFO-008) formerly "Map execution paths through application (OWASP-IG-009)"

4.2.9 Fingerprint Web Application Framework (OTG-INFO-009) formerly "Testing for Web Application Fingerprint (OWASP-IG-010)" Ready to be reviewed

4.2.10 Fingerprint Web Application (OTG-INFO-010) formerly "Testing for Web Application Fingerprint (OWASP-IG-010)" [Amro AlOlaqi] Ready to be reviewed

4.2.11 Map Network and Application Architecture (OTG-INFO-011) formerly "Testing for Infrastructure Configuration Management Testing weakness (OWASP-CM-001)" [Amro AlOlaqi] Ready to be reviewed