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OWASP Testing Guide v2 Table of Contents

Welcome to the OWASP Testing Guide 2.0

“Open and collaborative knowledge: that’s the OWASP way”
-- Matteo Meucci

OWASP thanks the many authors, reviewers, and editors for their hard work in bringing this guide to where it is today. If you have any comments or suggestions on the Testing Guide, please e-mail the Testing Guide mail list:


Copyright and License

Copyright (c) 2006 The OWASP Foundation.

This document is released under the Creative Commons 2.5 License. Please read and understand the license and copyright conditions.

Revision History

The Testing guide originated in 2003 with Dan Cuthbert as one of the original editors. It was handed over to Eoin Keary in 2005 and transformed into a wiki. Matteo Meucci has decided to take on the Testing guide and is now the lead of the OWASP Testing Guide Autumn of Code (AoC) effort.

December 25, 2006
"OWASP Testing Guide", Version 2.0
July 14, 2004
"OWASP Web Application Penetration Checklist", Version 1.1
December 2004
"The OWASP Testing Guide", Version 1.0


Matteo Meucci: OWASP Testing Guide "Autumn of Code" 2006 Lead.
Eoin Keary: OWASP Testing Guide Lead.


  • Vicente Aguilera
  • Mauro Bregolin
  • Tom Brennan
  • Gary Burns
  • Luca Carettoni
  • Dan Cornell
  • Mark Curphey
  • Daniel Cuthbert
  • Sebastien Deleersnyder
  • Stephen DeVries
  • Stefano Di Paola
  • David Endler
  • Giorgio Fedon
  • Javier Fernández-Sanguino
  • Glyn Geoghegan
  • Stan Guzik
  • Madhura Halasgikar
  • Eoin Keary
  • David Litchfield
  • Andrea Lombardini
  • Ralph M. Los
  • Claudio Merloni
  • Matteo Meucci
  • Marco Morana
  • Laura Nunez
  • Gunter Ollmann
  • Antonio Parata
  • Yiannis Pavlosoglou
  • Carlo Pelliccioni
  • Harinath Pudipeddi
  • Alberto Revelli
  • Mark Roxberry
  • Tom Ryan
  • Anush Shetty
  • Larry Shields
  • Dafydd Studdard
  • Andrew van der Stock
  • Ariel Waissbein
  • Jeff Williams


  • Vicente Aguilera
  • Mauro Bregolin
  • Daniel Cuthbert
  • Paul Davies
  • Stefano Di Paola
  • Matteo G.P. Flora
  • Simona Forti
  • Eoin Keary
  • James Kist
  • Syed Mohamed A
  • Matteo Meucci
  • Alberto Revelli
  • Mark Roxberry
  • Antonio Parata


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OWASP Testing Guide v2

Here is the OWASP Testing Guide v2 Table of Contents