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Phase I - Core Values

This attached article, 4 points and example below, and the online directions will help you be more effective in completing your Phase I tasks.

The Deadline for completing Phase I is 11 December 2010.

1) The Board has 10-weeks to draft the long-term OWASP Vision before the Portugal Summit.

2) 2-weeks are planned for each Phase plus 2-weeks to organize, refine and finalize the Draft OWASP Vision.

3) Reading and studying the [Jim Collins Articl]e will allow the Board to work more effectively by using a common frame of reference.

4) The online Core Values-Individual Brainstorming format is the same process to be used for each Phase. Submit your Phase I responses here . All online responses will be combined for each Phase and available for Board review, discussion and completion.

Core Values Example: INTEGRITY-Conducting ourselves with the highest degree of ethical behavior and treating everyone with respect.