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Apr 17 - OWASP Newsletter 8
OWASP SpoC projects selected, new OWASP WeBecki tool, OWASP Code Review project, OWASP updates and much more
Mar 19 - OWASP Newsletter 7
OWASP Spring of Code, new OWASP SWAAT static analysis tool, OWASP updates and much more
Mar 6 - OWASP Newsletter 6
OWASP Autumn of Code 2006 finished, XML Gateway Eval Project, OWASP updates and much more
Mar 3 - Good OWASP Blog Posts
Feb 23 - OWASP Newsletter 5
OWASP Conference Europe, OWASP Tiger, OWASP Testing Guide v2 Published and much more
Jan 31 - OWASP Newsletter 4
OWASP TOP 10 RC1, WebGoat 5.0 RC1, OWASP Documentation Projects and much more
Jan 22 - OWASP Newsletter 3
OWASP projects that need your help, OWASP Java Project, OWASP Live CD, Latest additions to the WIKI, OWASP references in the Media
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