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OWASP {{{chaptername}}} Local Chapter

Welcome to the local {{{chaptername}}} chapter homepage. {{{extra}}}


Local OWASP Chapter meetings are FREE and OPEN to anyone interested in learning more about application security.
We encourage individuals to provide knowledge transfer via hands-on training and presentations of specific OWASP projects and research topics and sharing SDLC knowledge.
We encourage vendor-agnostic presentations to utilize the OWASP Powerpoint template when applicable and individual volunteerism to enable perpetual growth.
As a 501(3)c non-profit association donations of meeting space or refreshments sponsorship is encouraged, simply contact the local chapter leaders listed on this page to discuss.
Prior to participating with OWASP please review the Chapter Rules.

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Local News



Chapter Meetings

Meeting Location: Not yet decided. Offers are Welcome.

Everyone is welcome to join us at our chapter meetings.

{{{chaptername}}} OWASP Chapter Leaders